ECMO Management

This Course provides information on the day to day management of the ECMO patient.  

6 Month Access



About the course

At the end of this course, the learner will be able to:
1. Delineate how to manage the cardiac system including potential complications on ECMO
2. Explain how the to manage the respiratory system including potential complications on ECMO 
3. Discuss management strategies for bleeding, lung recruitment, weaning and decannulation procedures for both ECMO modalities 
4. Describe the hematologic parameters and management of the ECMO patient
5. Discuss the infection potential and prevention for the ECMO patient
6. Explain the renal management and potential complications including use of renal replacement therapies available to ECMO patients
7. Describe the role of the ‘ECMO Specialist’ as advocate for the ECMO pump and circuit.
8. Define a circuit check and what it entails9. Describe the management of CO2 and Oxygenation on ECMO
10. Define the infusions that may be given to the ECMO circuit vs. the patient 
11. State the importance of aseptic technique on ECMO and how to maintain
12. Detail the blood products commonly used with ECMO patients and how to deliver them13. Explain the importance of maintaining skin integrity and list the interventions to use14. Define the positioning techniques to use on ECMO patients

Course Lessons