Introduction to ECMO

This introduction course contains modules that will provide a basic understanding of historical events, terminology, key components of an ECMO system, primary types of ECMO, and basic blood product information to help set the foundation for your ECMO education journey.

6 Month Access



About the course

What you will learn:
  • The basic history of the development of ECMO
  • Recent changes to ECMO support
  • ECMO clinical trials
  • The formation of ELSO and ELSO chapters
  • ECMO Circuit and all its disposable components
  • The blood products commonly used in ECMO patients
  • Dosing for blood products in ECMO
  • The importance of blood typing and testing requirements for transfusion
  • Massive transfusion protocol and describe when and how to apply it to ECMO patients
  • Indications for patients to require extracorporeal life support *Indications of the specific severity of illness scores relevant to the population
  • Absolute contraindications to placing a patient on ECMO
  • Relative contraindications that must be evaluated prior to ECMO

Course Lessons